Khabbab b. Aratt was among the first people who believed in the Prophet (s) and embraced Islam. He is the first or among the few first Muslims who manifested their religion publicly for the first time.

25 November 2017

One of my favorite passages in the Quran asks if the man who thinks and the man who does are the same. It’s the thinking component in Islam that really intrigued me

23 November 2017

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website): For most people, converting from one religion to another is a private matter requiring intense scrutiny of one’s conscience. But when you’re famous, it becomes a public spectacle for you and all to debate. It invites many criticisms and difficulties for which you should pay the cost […]

23 November 2017

Worshippers have taken to the streets to pray in recent years often in protest over the shortage of mosques.

22 November 2017

I decided one day, to just start reading the Quran, so then I would know what this religion was about.

16 November 2017

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website): Kelly Klasson is an American lady who talks about the “new path” she found in her life after years of internal struggle to attain peace and happiness. God was always there, I was the one who had turned away from God. He had not turned away from […]

09 November 2017

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):   When you retuned to Islam, how did this affect your family? Ok, this is Mohammad Arab I love this opportunity that you have given me to speak to your listeners. Altogether, I have experienced a different lifestyle in the West for thirty_ five years. And at […]

06 November 2017

And who is truly willing to embark on the straight path and hungry for the transcendental wisdom only for the sake of the Almighty? This responsibility lays with every one of us and starts with myself. This is also the path of Imam Zaman (as).

05 November 2017

The Spirit Of Truth: Bible, the Herald of Quran

Al-Ghadir, Allameh, Abdolhossein Amini ‘s valuable work

Supplication on Noble Moral Traits “Makarimul Akhlaq” Acts Pleasing to God

 is a book written by Islamic scholar Ja’far Sobhani

رمان ادواردو

14000 تومان

DVDمستند شهید ادواردو آنیلی

1000 تومان

کتاب هدیه مسیح سیری در زندگی ادواردو آنیلی

3000 تومان

مجموعه فلش کارت من یک محجبه ام

2500 تومان

مجموعه فلش کارت اسلام زیباست