“The Quran gives us comfort. We’re living in bad conditions, under pressure. The Quran teaches us patience,” said Zakariya Alzemly, a professor of the Science of Quran and Comparative Religion at the Islamic University in Gaza.

24 July 2017

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website): The 28-year-old Briton came to know about Islam while helping a victim of domestic violence in Eccles, Salford. “It started when I had a woman approach me at work who was experiencing honor-based violence,”she said. I wasn’t looking for any religion at the time but for every […]

23 July 2017

 According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website): I knew why its hard for Muslims to Convert to other Faiths June 24, 2017 admin  0 Comments What happened to you?” This was usually the first reaction I encountered when my former classmates, friends and co-pastors saw me after having embraced Islam. I suppose I couldn’t blame them, […]

23 July 2017

When I first read the Qur’an, it was as if I was seeking my answers, but also found a whole lot of guidance within it for how one lives their life according to God’s Will.

23 July 2017

Kristin Nicole Ritchie, now known as Abby was born, and lives, in Forth Worth, Texas. She is a former world-renowned rapper who was best known for her provocative, rapping performances. She traveled to many different parts of the world for her performances.

07 July 2017

Tim Winter believes Muslims are what make Europe great, and he’s not letting Islamophobia and globalization stand in his way.

30 June 2017

I was terrified, absolutely terrified about telling people. My family – my mom in particular. And my friends, it was awful. I was so worried about telling people, because I didn’t know how they’d react. I assumed they would react negatively, and most people did

25 June 2017

I would cry to Allah many times in prayer which made me feel calm and at peace like nothing ever had before.

24 June 2017

Supplication on Noble Moral Traits “Makarimul Akhlaq” Acts Pleasing to God

 is a book written by Islamic scholar Ja’far Sobhani

رمان ادواردو

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DVDمستند شهید ادواردو آنیلی

1000 تومان

کتاب هدیه مسیح سیری در زندگی ادواردو آنیلی

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